Halloween Author and Artist, Donna Davies publishes her books though All Hallows’ Eve Press. A division of Haunted Hudson Valley, Ltd. She has launched several best-selling Halloween books that are destined to be the new Halloween classics of our generation.

New Halloween Release!
Halloween Night at the Mad Monster Museum

From Kindle best-selling Halloween author Donna Davies comes a 136-page collection of five full-color rhyming Halloween books in one that your children will beg you to read over and over and over again.

Halloween Night at the Mad Monster Museum

A fantasy come true from two monster-crazed kids who find themselves locked in a monster museum on Halloween night. Truly a monstrous celebration for all. An amusing introduction in the famous Universal Monsters of our time with an appearance by a special guest.

The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream

An exciting Halloween mystery that will have your kids sitting on the edge of theirs seats. An action-packed tale of a Halloween Queen named Calliope who lost her scream right before Halloween. Meet an amazing cast of Halloween monsters from witches to zombies as they go on an adventure to help their Queen and save Halloween. Filled will stunning colorful Halloween illustrations by the very talented Rob Peters. This delightfully fun book is sure to become a family tradition.

Sleepy Hollow and the Road You’d Better Not Follow

Have you heard about the road you’d better not follow? Let’s take a walk through the deep, dark hollow! Legend says a headless horseman wants your head. I don’t think he’s aware that he’s actually dead! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow comes to life and turns into a chilling nightmare. This fun and frightening adventure is a night like no other for two curious friends who go in search of the legendary Headless Horseman.

Night of the Candy Creepers

It’s Halloween and you’re out for the night, Not quite realizing you’re in for a fright. The candy creepers have come to town, And they are going to gobble your candy down. The candy creepers are masters of disguise, but boy are they in for a big surprise. A fun Halloween book sure to bring back fond childhood memories with a surprise ending! Delightfully illustrated by Rob Peters.

Bye, Bye Boogeyman

Do you fear the creatures of night? Meet Leanne, an outgoing little girl who is up for a head-banging boogeyman fight! This rip-roaring fun story will transform anyone spooked by ghosts in the closet or monsters under the bed into rulers of their rooms. After taking a few lessons from Leanne, you will never fear that nasty boogeyman again.

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Halloween Book Reviews

This is such a fun book with a great story and terrific illustrations. A little girl turns the tables on the Boogeyman and has a lot of fun along the way. Children are sure to love this one and it is not just for Halloween. Donna Davies has given us another winner! – Bye, Bye Boogeyman

10*s. What an adorable story and colorful illustrations!! This is a MUST read for the whole family to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime!!! – Night of the Candy Creepers

We got this on the Kindle about 3 wks before Halloween. We read it EVERY night until Halloween. Honestly, I was THRILLED to put it to rest but my kids LOVED it. I love kids’ books that tell the story in rhyming verse. I was not particularly impressed with the illustration or the story. It seemed like there could have been some better editing. But I am extra nit picky about that kind of thing. I gave it a 4 because it was perfect to read in the dark on the kindle before Halloween and my kids would definitely give it a 5. And for all my nit-pickiness…I did read it at least 20 some times so it wasn’t THAT bad. – The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream

I loved it so so much. My favorite part was when the horseman was following the girl. Iliked when i learned he was a hero. – Sleepy Hollow and the Road You’d Better Not Follow
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The Stories Behind My Halloween Books

My first picture book for children, The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream, thrilled audiences from 6 to 60 upon its release, and I had earned many opportunities to present the book at libraries across the region.

Sleepy Hollow and the Road You’d Better Not Follow was inspired by Washington Irving’s 1820 short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and my personal experience in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery one crisp fall evening. Sleepy Hollow and the Road You’d Better Not Follow s a rhyming story from the heart. The Headless Horseman has always been my favorite Halloween hero; he isn’t bad, just a little scary when confronted. After noticing that few children’s books touched on his tale in a way they could connect with, I decided to rectify the problem by writing a mini mystery that children can enjoy, buy not be frightened.

Night of the Candy Creepers is my favorite Halloween book, In Night of the Candy Creepers, I know I am outing the parents in this story, but it really takes me back to all those times I pinched some kid’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The kids really enjoy the surprise ending and so does the parent. After a night of fright, I decided to calm children’s fears by with Bye, Bye Boogeyman. An rip-roaring tale of a fearless little girl who torments the boogeyman until he begs to be set free.


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